Making Real-World Clinical Trials a Reality

People often discuss the advantages of real world vs. clinical trials data. But why does it have to be one or the other? In the UK when we talk about real world data we mean routinely collected clinical data as opposed to data generated within the parameters of a clinical trial. Real world evidence is the learning that we distill from the real world data we have captured. For example by analysing real world data collected over time we can undertake large longitudinal observational studies which provide clinical evidence to continue or change clinical practice. Post-marketing pharmacovigilance surveillance studies are a good example. But in the UK we have invented a third category of real world research: real world clinical trials. In this presentation Professor Martin Gibson, Director of the Greater Manchester branch of the NIHR Clinical Research Network, and Chief Executive of NorthWest EHealth, will explain how this is achieved within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and reveal why the UK is a world leader in real world research. Having previously worked on the world renowned Salford Lung Study, Professor Gibson will also discuss plans in the pipeline for future real world clinical trials taking place in the UK.