Site Management: Optimize Site Performance with a Successful Partnership with your CRC

Before anything, Investigators are and remain Physicians, with a very important amount of time dedicated to patients follow-up. Becoming a Clinical Research Investigator implies to master an additional specific knowledge and a lot of additional responsibilities, some of them being time consuming. How can Investigators reach a sufficient level of quality on their trial performance with all these new responsibilities, while maintaining an efficient level of care for patients not enrolled in their trials ? Having a Clinical Research Coordinator in their research team is one of the key answer to this challenge and a way for a clinical research site to optimize their short and long term efficacy (such as monitoring optimization, data quality improvement, free up medical time for investigators or a successful Inspection). This presentation aims to provide information and new thinking paths about different CRC profiles, maintenance of the professional continuing training, how to delegate the right tasks at the right time, to help sites representatives and investigators to build a successful work relationship with their CRCs. We will also describe how to manage with the Industry the induced costs and how they can impact quality management.