Strategies to Enhance Patient Compliance

We have all seen it before.  We design the perfect study.  We find the perfect site.  The best PI in the world has signed on and his staff is TOP KNOTCH. In our wildest dreams we could not imagine our good fortune with this study.
Subjects are recruited and consented and provided a set of instructions and follow-up visit dates.  Then, several subjects simply never show up again, or show up intermittently for their appointments.  Medications are not taken according to schedule, some subjects taking less because they feel they don’t need so much, others take more thinking that it will work faster.  Subjects show up unprepared for procedures, diaries are not filled out, and pandemonium ensues in the data.
How can we get our study subjects to comply with the plan?  This lecture will discuss some of the strategies available today to help encourage compliance, beginning with initial planning in the protocol all the way to multi-media reminder options.